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Sahifa E Sajjadiya In Urdu Pdf Free 70




The purpose of the Qur'an is to guide the direction of the human soul. So it helps humanity to achieve the full blessedness. 1.God has given mankind a perfect guidance, that they may follow the guidance, 3.and that they may be guided to the Straight Path. The soul is the messenger of God, it guides the human being to achieve the full blessedness. We send not any warner save with the permission of God. There is no warner like a true Qur'an. Through the Qur'an the most sublime matters are explained, but there are so many deep matters that are not clear. See: Who is a warner in Islam? There is a lot of evidence to prove that the Bible was not the Word of God and it was not given to man by a divine character, like the Qur'an that was revealed by a God, a sublime and a most perfect character. 1.The Bible was not the Word of God, 2.but it was man made. The Jews that should have known the Word of God, 1.did not, 2.or they did not know how to understand it. Islam was also revealed by God and it was revealed to Muhammad, the prophet of God. 1.This is not human behaviour, 2.This is divine behaviour. God is not like man; 1.He does not eat and drink, 2.He does not work and earn, 3.and He does not fall ill. Ibn Al-Qayyim said that: 1.Man is like a living being 2.God is like an immaculate being. God is God and He does not marry a woman, 1.He does not have any women, 2.He does not mate, 3.and He does not live in the past, the present or the future. Islam was revealed by God; 1.and it was revealed to the prophet Muhammad, Muslims believe that they follow the Qur'an. The Bible was not the Word of God; there are different teachings in the Bible, Christians and Jews did not have the same Bible. Why does not the Bible guide people to perfection?





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Sahifa E Sajjadiya In Urdu Pdf Free 70

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